Importance of Sea Foods for Wholesome Health

 Poly saturated fatty acids form long chains of interlinked energizing elements which are food for cardiovascular health and fitness. They interact with the veins carrying blood to your heart and lungs and strengthen them. The other benefit is that they clean the veins and keep them from accumulating fat deposits within the inner walls. So blood flows freely without room for variations in pressure. If you wish to stay away from hypertension, blood pressure variations and enjoy good heart heath, sea foods are highly recommended for you. EPA and DHA present in sea foods help in balancing the health of coronary and cognitive systems. You need to pay special attention to the preparation methods in order to make sea foods really healthy.

Preparation of Sea Foods

Preparation of Sea Foods

Sea fish, shrimp, salmon, crab, catfish and Cod form the core sea foods ingredients. You need olive or coconut oil to fry these foods to moderate levels. Avoid deep frying and make sure to add pepper mint, cardamom, garlic, ginger and green pepper to the coating. These spices help in transforming the food into heart healthy ingredients.

  • Japanese have a healthy method of preparing sea foods. They simply boil the foods in water and add spices along with raw veggies and salt. This sort of recipe is highly beneficial for your cardiovascular system. You may feel it is lacking in taste but once you start enjoying the health benefits you will start liking it.
  • Canned sardines and anchovies can be eaten as a whole without need for further processing. They help in growth and strengthening of bones, especially in adolescents.
  • Make sure that you have refrigerated the sea foods below 35 degrees (F) for at least 12 hours before consumption.
  • Using microwave oven for cooking sea foods is said to be ideal. Temperature needs to be maintained between 145 degrees (F) and 150 degrees (F) for 15 to 20 seconds. It helps in removing some of the unhealthy fat, mercury traces and other contaminants.

Who Needs to Avoid Sea Foods

Pregnant women, younger children (less than 5 years) and people with lower value of stomach acidity need to avoid sea foods. It is because of their tendency to develop allergic reactions. However you can consult your doctor and take proper consultations based on your existing health conditions.

Probable Exceptions

Oysters, Tuna and cod are considered to be exceptions for pregnant women as they provide the vital elements of nutrients needed for mother and child. Besides they contain DHA to the extent of 200Mg which is recommended by WHO health guidelines during pregnancy. Six to seven ounces for a week should be able to provide the critically needed bone and muscle strength during pregnancy.

Immunity Factors

Sea foods like cod provide immunity from common infections related to skin and cardiovascular organs. Cod liver oil can be used for food preparations which strengthen your immune systems to the core. It is also considered to be helpful in preventing cancer cells from forming and growing.

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