Non Combative ways to prevent Herpes through HSV Eraser Ebook

Medical science has made lot of progress in the past decade of 21st century. Critical diseases originating from stem cells like cancer and Alzheimer have been given new ways of treatment. There is one disease for which the experts are still struggling to find a reliable solution. It is called Herpes. Plenty of money has been pumped into research works, funding of organizations, medicines, treatments and related works. Success still seems to elude the medical experts today. However there seems to be some hope rising at the horizon at last. It s from the well known Dr. Christine Buehler and it is called the HSV Eraser Ebook.

What makes this e-book different?

Most of the well known methods to cure herpes have focussed on combative approaches to kill the disease from the root levels. Unfortunately they have missed out on the foundation on which the disease grows and spreads. They are the cells, tissues, muscles, skin and bones of the average human body. That is why they have been found to still short of the desired standards to control the disease.

On the other hand the e-book from Buehler seems to adopt a more practical and humane approach to controlling the disease from spreading and preventing the outbreak over longer period of time.

  • All the methods explained in this book seem to be familiar with how the human body reacts to initial attack of herpes, be it type I or type II.
  • The book accepts the fact that Herpes is not permanently curable. From this acceptance comes new ways of analysis and diagnosis of the disease. The author seems to be well versed with the multitude of physiological differences that exist among patients. This is one critical factor which could perhaps help in taking a practical approach to prevent the outbreak.
  • By understanding the autoimmune elements within the body which react adversely when they come into contact with herpes virus, the author is able to find a way by which existing conditions of herpes can be held on “as it is” condition without spreading further. This is one way of protecting the healthy cells in the human body from being affected by the herpes virus.
  • Once the disease is prevented from spreading, it may be easier to weaken them by cutting off all the channels which feed them. According to the book this could be done by neutralizing the autoimmune system and other negative antibody elements.
  • The book promises to deliver significant results within the first 21 days of trial, which others have not been able to even think of.
  • Direct attack on the symptoms in the body seems to be the next step which is followed by elimination of virus.

Practical Results

When you look at the increasing number of reviews about this e-book, it seems like many people have benefited by flowing the simple procedures written in it. Of course there have been many counter arguments about the success of this book as well. If you recall, the first successful flight at Kitty Hawk by Wright brothers had also received many sceptical reviews. It was for the sample reason that everyone was practically made believe “flying is something beyond human capacity” over the centuries.

  • It may be difficult to remove years of scepticism from one’s mind with a magical wand. But still you could find a ray of hope in this book which has been denied so far.
  • This book seems to prescribe certain procedures related to diet control, hygiene habits and lifestyle changes which have to be followed in principle and practice. Nothing can be more painful than suffering from a disease which has found no reliable cure so far.
  • Most of the negative feedback seems to arise from those sections of ‘medical” intellectuals or from those who have “half’ understood the disease and its implications. Almost none of them seem to have the symptoms of Herpes and hence they have not tried the remedies prescribed in the book.

What can you do?

If you know that you have this deadly herpes disease in your body and want an honest solution, it is suggested that you try it once. There is something which you need to do before making this experiment; that is keep your scepticism firmly locked up and have an open mind. You can go through the pages of these books in detail, identify the symptoms that you have and then take measures to follow the related procedures only. It is because of the vastness of the book which may make you feel lost while implementing the guidelines. Hence focus on your symptoms alone and hopefully you will be able to find a solution to it sooner than expected. This is how many of the successful vaccinations were also put to test in the initial stages of their invention.

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