Vital Elements of Energy through Fruits and Juices

If you are wondering whether humans are vegetarians or meat eaters by nature, you will be surprised to learn that we are neither. Humans are fruitarians by default. Large scale population increase and lack of fruits might have forced humans to look for alternates in form of vegetables, meat and sea foods. Fruits contain many forms of hydrating elements, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Starting your day with a full glass of fruit juice has many benefits. Apart from providing the required initial energy, it can help in hydrating your body. You can follow simple recipes for preparing fruit juices and salads which you could consume throughout the day. Some of the most recommended fruits are listed here.


Most Watermelon is another highly effective anti aging fruit as it hydrates your skin from the subcutis layer till the epidermis.

  • Water molecules in the skin cells make them denser in nature and bulky. They are able to convert the nutrients and vitamins into useful energy.
  • It increases the stability and stamina of skin cells even when they age. Brightness of skin remains intact and the liveliness improves.
  • Watermelon contains vitamin B6 which is highly effective against acne. The average quantity required is 1.9mg for women and 2.4mg for men. Consuming water enough of quantity to supplement the everyday needs.



  • Gooseberries contain potassium, calcium, copper, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and vitamin E.
  • Regular consumption of gooseberries helps in keeping the skin in hydrated conditions. It helps in attaining and retaining healthy skin glow for long years.
  • Calcium in gooseberries helps your skin in preventing cancer cells from developing. Many of the non melanoma types of skin cancer patients are given plenty of gooseberry juices to quicken the healing process after they undergo surgery or therapy.
  • Vitamin A in gooseberries helps in reducing possibilities of skin Rosacea. It is made possible due to the normalization of blood flow. It helps in restructuring of cells in the epidermis layer for enhancing protection from the harmful effects of UV radiation. Cell membranes start developing with the supply of vitamin A. They have a high elastic nature which gives flexibility to your skin in the upper parts of epidermis layer. Skin lesions due to infections can lead to cancer when they are left untreated in the initial stages. For example the red nodules with bleeding in nose, eras, forehead and other parts of skin which get frequently exposed to UV radiation. The bleeding gets deposited around the sores, leading to non melanoma type of skin cancer. Vitamin A heals the nodules before they can reach the stage of bleeding.
  • Vitamin E has multiple benefits as a skin moisturizer, cleanser, stretch mark healer, cold sores healer and dark spots remover. It also stimulates healthy hair growth and nourishment in the scalp regions. It is highly useful for treating skin fibrosis. Skin wrinkles get straightened out due to its ability for increasing the skin’s tensile strength. You could add honey, lemon syrup and black pepper powder to Juices made from the listed fruits for total health.

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